Wicker Moses Basket - Pink - My Sweet Baby - 122

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  • Huge basket size 100cm x 65cm will last longer
  • Basket is ready to use
  • Bedding 100% cotton with certificates ökotex and tüv
  • Come with with 2yrs warranty, user manual and invoice
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Baby Moses Basket - My Sweet Baby – are comfortable and handy solution in the early months of baby’s life. They have been used for many years by families all over the world and now we can offer them and recommend to our mums too.

The Moses Basket is, first of all, an ideal place for a baby to sleep – it is smaller and cosier than a cot, your child feels in it as safe as in their mum’s tummy. When your child sleeps in a cot immediately after their birth, they can feel discomfort, as they suddenly find themselves in a space which is too vast for them. The basket pram is different. Its sides are cushioned with cotton-covered soft lining – it protects your child, and muffles noise a little not blocking fresh air at the same time. Additionally, a canopy protects the little one against direct light exposure.

The basket is also comfortable for the parents. Wheels allow it to be moved from one room to another easily. This way your child can always be with you. The basket will pass through any doors and fit in any room. This is an ideal solution both for small flats and large houses as well, where you could take the basket pram to the garden.

Important! MY SWEET BABY baskets are only baskets in Europe which have successfully undergone a long testing process in TÜV Rheinland Polska laboratory to confirm their compliance with standards PN-EN1130-1:2001 and PN-EN 1130-2:2001, and they have obtained a TÜV Test Certificate.
These are the only baskets in Europe which have passed such tests and which can guarantee the highest level of safety. In order to meet the strict requirements of TÜV Laboratory we have introduced certain changes in the structure of the baskets and its additional closures and protections, thus taking even greater care of babies’ comfort and parents’ convenience.

Happy Little Babies in our Moses Baskets
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The Set Includes
  • Wicker basket
  • Chassis made of steel with brake
  • 4 large wooden wheels with spokes
  • Cover ( basket edging ) 100% cotton with hollow fibre material
  • Hood cover
  • Pillow case, duvet ( quilt ) cover, pillow, quilt
  • Mattress PREMIUM with removable quilted covers
Cover 100% Cotton
Mattress Foam
Warranty 12 Months

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Wicker Moses Basket - Pink - My Sweet Baby - 122

Wicker Moses Basket - Pink - My Sweet Baby - 122

Delivery time 4-7 working days

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