Turquoise Mice - Wicker Moses Basket - Small Wheels - TOLO - SW-16

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Hand-crafted Wicker

100% Natural Wicker

Wooden chassis with small wheels


-Basket dimensions at the bottom of the basket 35cm x 70cm
-Basket dimensions at the top of the basket 55cm x 90cm
-Height with drape 130cm

Baby baskets are handy solution in the early months of baby’s life. They have been used for many years all over the world and now we can offer them and recommend to our mums too.

It is, first of all, an ideal place for a baby to sleep – it is smaller and cosier than a cotu. When your child sleeps in a cot immediately after their birth, they can feel discomfort, as they suddenly find themselves in a space which is too large for them.Its sides are cushioned with cotton-covered soft lining – it protects your child, and muffles noise a little not blocking fresh air at the same time. Additionally, a canopy protects the little one against direct light exposure.

They are also comfortable for the parents. The basket will pass through any doors and fit in any room. This is an ideal solution both for small flats and large houses as well, where you could take the basket pram to the garden.


1.Wicker Moses Basket
2. Chassis with small wheels
3. Drape Holder ( rod )
4. Foam Mattress 35cm x 70cm x 4cm
5. Bedding Set
-Pillow 35cm x 40cm
-Quilt 70cm x 80cm
-Pillow case 35cm x 40cm
-Quilt cover 70cm x 80cm
-Canopy ( drape ) made of chiffon
-Basket edging

100% natural hand made wicker moses basket

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Turquoise Mice - Wicker Moses Basket - Small Wheels - TOLO - SW-16

Turquoise Mice - Wicker Moses Basket - Small Wheels - TOLO - SW-16

Delivery time 4-7 working days

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