11-PCS BEDDING + "JASPER" Cot + Mattress

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Delivery time 4-7 working days. Baby Raj 11-PCS bedding set + Piętrus Cot (4 colours to choose from) + Selection of mattreses.

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  • Three position mattress base
  • Solid pinewood
  • Baby cot size 120cm x 60cm
  • 3 removable bars to allow children easily leave the bed
  • Easy to assemble and to change the position of the mattress base
  • Corresponds to the en-716 norms: 01.1996
Choice of cots

Bedding Set Includes

 photo featuresdruk1_zpskf53yowc.jpg

 photo holderinstr3_zpsdshmnyjo.jpg

 photo wypnowe_zps89h9geh1.jpg

1 Pillowcase 40x60cm (with a safe zip fastener )
2 Bed-linen fillingpillow 40x60 cm – gsm 600g/m2
3 Quilt cover 120x90 cm (with a safe zip fastener).
4 Quilt ( bed-linen ) 120x90 cm - gsm 300/m2 The filling was developed in cooperation with dermatologists, specifically for infants and children with sensitive skin, which are prone to allergy. It does not include colourings, hazardous chemicals or heavy metals. The bed-linen can be washed in a washing machine in 60oC and dried mechanically. The product received a positive opinion of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) HŻ/C/00521/10 and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which confirms that the product meets the strictest human-environmental requirements for children products..
5 Cot bumper 30x180 cm (bolster height 40 cm) .The bumper is made with superior edge to provide better safety for the baby. Each experienced Mum has certainly encountered the problem with guard’s folding. You will not have this problem with our baby cot bumper – it has been appropriately cut and sewn to deal with it. It has long and decently sewn-on straps, thanks to which you can firmly attach it to the crib.
The inside filling is made of fluffy siliconised non-woven fabric with gsm of 300g/m2, only1st grade. Thanks to the use of high quality filling, it will long preserve its original fluffiness, shape and properties.
6 Fitted terrycloth sheet 60cm x 120cm.
7 Drape net made of chiffon
The drape is as wide as 485 cm, and as long as 175 cm,. It is also decorated by the top finishing made of fabric, lagged with a chiffon ribbon. The drape fits cribs sized 60x120. The drape is made of airy chiffon, which does not deprive the child from light and air. It can be mounted at either long or short side of the cot.
8 Drape rod
9 Hanging hearts
10 Drape ribbon
+ Stiffened swaddling infant wrap 80x80 cm with a charming ruffle – ONLY NOW WITH A STIFFENING INSERT The wrap is sewn from fabrics with safety certificates, and what is most important, also the non-woven fabric filling the horn wrap (3 cm) has a safety certificate, holds necessary certificates, forms an excellent thermal insulation, and provides long-term shape retention. The four-channel structure of fibres allows free air circulation, which adds fluffiness and elasticity. The horn wrap is light, soft, durable, hygienic and does not cause allergies. Wrap is sewn at edges to the fabric and is quilted around the whole horn wrap, which ensures that nothing will happen to it during washing.
Stiffening insert – is a safe insert providing stiffness and elasticity as well as fresh air supply. Our insert is the only one made of anti-allergic pressed silicone non-woven fabric which holds necessary safety certificates – safe child products. The insert can be removed for washing. (as 11)
+ Cot 120x60 (as 12)
+ Mattress 120x60 (as 13)

The Set Includes

- "Jasper" Baby COT 120x60 ( comes flat-pack for self assmbly )
- 11pcs Bedding Set (choosen design)
-an Invoice

Choice of Mattress
[ click on picture to enlarge ]

Foam 120cm x 60cm x 9cm

 photo 2453125151_zps4c0561a2.jpg

-Made from an air permeable non-allergenic hygienic material
-Made from superior grade high density polyurethane foam
-Rxcellent comfortable support for your baby
-Removable and washable mattress cover

Coconut Foam Coconut 120cm x 60cm x 9cm

 photo 2453125151_zps4c0561a2.jpg

-Natural fibre filled mattress made of coconut husk fibres
-Centre part is foam layered on both sides with coconut
-Comfortable and hard-wearing
-Zipp-removable and washable cover
-Suitable for newborns and toddlers
-Completely breathable from top to bottom, ideal for ''feet to feet'' sleeping position

Coconut Foam Buckwheat 120cm x 60cm x 10cm

 photo coconut_buckwheat_zps0c4ea592.jpg

-Medical device product class 1
-Zipp-removable and washable cover
-Comfortable and hard-wearing

-Suitable for newborns and toddlers
-Reduces sweat problems
-Prevents bedsores
-Helps in alleviating back problems
-Helps in treating flat feet
-Completely breathable from top to bottom, ideal for ''feet to feet'' sleeping position

-Long-lasting and natural product which is safe and environmentally-friendly
-Used for therapeutic rehabilitation, post-traumatic conditions of the locomotor system, paresis and neuralgia, sleep disorder, peripheral vascular disease
-Natural fibre filled mattress made of coconut husk and buckwheat hulls
-Centre part is foam layered with coconut on one side and buckwheat on the other side

Safety Requirements

  • BS EN 597-1: 1995 and BS EN 597-2: 1995 as required by
  • BS 7177: 2008 Low Hazard
  • Ignition Source: BS EN 597-1: 1995: Calibrated Senior Service cigarette.
  • BS EN 597-2: 1995: Butane Gas flowing at 45±2ml/min @ 25°C for 15±1 seconds

Choice of BEDDING

 photo 001creamowls5_zpsswa64p3a.jpg photo 001creamowls6_zpsi5o0rdan.jpg
 photo 002bluesafari5_zps9l2nvwyt.jpg photo 002bluesafari6_zps3s8g4jjo.jpg
 photo 003creamsafari5_zpsirkciu8v.jpg photo 003creamsafari6_zps63ztifam.jpg
 photo 004sleepingbear5_zpsvrks3gmx.jpg photo 004sleepingbear6_zpsbhiqlbap.jpg
 photo 005yellowdino5_zps7fa3g5ei.jpg photo 005yellowdino6_zpsmag2dojo.jpg
 photo 006whiteowls5_zps2wijiabr.jpg photo 006whiteowls6_zps5qv5v1ql.jpg
 photo 007musicnotes5_zpsfjqq8zl2.jpg photo 007musicnotes6_zpsnc7xunme.jpg
 photo 011turquoisestripes5_zpsbqyfdsap.jpg photo 011turquoisestripes6_zpsypdiucqv.jpg
 photo 012greybears5_zps7rm3vajq.jpg photo 012greybears6_zpskjzp5rus.jpg
 photo 015bluedinosaur5_zpsqcubk1yh.jpg photo 015bluedinosaur6_zpssg2lplvh.jpg
 photo 016happysheepyellow5_zpsqxlf8wpu.jpg photo 016happysheepyellow6_zpsmykm0tzw.jpg
 photo 017happysheeppink5_zpssw3u9scg.jpg photo 017happysheeppink6_zpsschcc3bi.jpg
 photo 023redhearts5_zpsushd0dwn.jpg photo 023redhearts6_zpsqixwfvvl.jpg
 photo 061owls5_zpsrne32kbx.jpg photo 061owls6_zpsbyjpm56u.jpg
 photo 062greydots5_zpsl0pl5ucy.jpg photo 062greydots6_zpswbhbmley.jpg

Bumper Size 180cm x 30cm
Accessory Pocket Size 60cm x 60cm
Infant Wrap Size 80cm x 80cm
Sheet Size 120cm x 60cm
Cot Size 120cm x 60cm
Base Positions 3
Removable Bars 3
Composition Pinewood
Bedding Compositions 100% Cotton
Canopy 485cm x 175cm
Warranty 12 Months

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11-PCS BEDDING + "JASPER" Cot  + Mattress

11-PCS BEDDING + "JASPER" Cot + Mattress

Delivery time 4-7 working days. Baby Raj 11-PCS bedding set + Piętrus Cot (4 colours to choose from) + Selection of mattreses.

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